For Week 1-2 we will be fundraising for the Thomas House Shelter! The Thomas House Shelter is "a non-profit organization located in the city of Garden Grove that aids and supports homeless families with children by providing rent-free, transitional shelter in 24 safe apartment units with food, supplies, and a full range of supportive services and programs."

We are accepting donations through Venmo @RCCatUCI.

Our fundraising goal for Thomas House Shelter is $1,000.

Thermometer last updated 10/19/2020.


Board members will be posting their fundraising bingo cards on their personal social media accounts, and they will be linking their personal Venmo accounts. As people donate, board members will be marking off the bingo card with the corresponding donation slot. Once a row or column (or the whole thing!) is filled out, then that board member will have to complete a certain challenge, a video of which will then be posted on their social media account!

Help us determine board challenges for reaching fundraising goals!