Ace Lowder


Howdy Partner! 🀠 My name is Ace and I’m a 5th year Computer Game Science major :>)


I have unhealthy obsessions with Hulu, Netflix, and Joji. If you like any of those then that means that we are already best friends :D I joined this club two years ago when I transferred to UCI. I was a shy boy until I forced myself to go to the RCC Fall Bonfire and learned how pizza, s'mores, and icebreakers lead to lifelong friendships. Out of all the clubs I joined on campus, RCC was the only one where people would go out of their way to talk to new members. Every community service event was a fun way to get to know people while helping the community. If you haven't talked to me yet, feel free to come introduce yourself next meeting :)


See you at the next social ✌️

Jiana Machhor


HELLO RCC AT UCI <3 My name is Jiana Machhor! I'm a 4th year Biology major, and am beyond ecstatic to be your Co-President for this academic year! When I'm not grinding away in the library, I'm constantly eating sushi and boba, watching every Rom-Com on Netflix, and laughing like there's no tomorrow!


Entering college as a timid, 17-year-old commuter, the American Red Cross Club was the first organization that I joined...little did I know that it would develop into my family on campus during my 1st year, serve as my escape from the havoc of 2nd year, and provide me with some of the most important people in my life during my 3rd year.


For all members of this club, new and old, two things: 1) Please don't be a stranger. I love talking (nonstop!) and hope we can get to know each other this year! 2) I hope that RCC at UCI provides you with even one incredible experience that makes your year...I know I wouldn't be who I am today without it!


Kathleen Navarro


Hi everyone!!!

My name is Kathleen Navarro and I’m a 3rd year Biology Sciences major. I’m excited to be serving as your 2019-2020 RCC at UCI Secretary. Some facts about me: I love hanging out with friends and going on spontaneous adventures, binge-watching shows on Netflix, and playing piano and ukulele (currently learning to play the guitar).

RCC has honestly made my college experience what is it today. I joined winter quarter of my first year and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was so nervous to join because I didn’t know anyone, but I was welcomed by everyone and RCC quickly felt like home. I've had the opportunity to help out the community in so many ways alongside amazing people, while forming friendships and memories that will last a lifetimeπŸ’• RCC has given me a sense of belonging here at UCI and I hope you all will feel the same too. I’m so excited to meet everyone and looking forward to an amazing year❀️


Celeste Cornejo


Hi everyone!

My name is Celeste Cornejo and I am a 3rd-year Biological Sciences major! I enjoy painting, going on fun adventures (food adventures definitely included), dancing, listening to music, spending time with friends, and just enjoying the good things in life to the best of my abilities :)

I joined RCC winter quarter of my freshman year, felt so welcomed by everyone and it quickly became my home away from home! I can confidently say that joining this club has been one of the best decisions I have made at UCI making my time here a million times better. It is has given me a space to share my passion for community service with others all while creating fun memories through our events and socials. 

I love this club with my whole heart and it has gifted me with so many laughs and memories and I cannot wait to make more with everyone this year <3


Gouri Ajith


Hey everyone!

My name is Gouri Ajith and I'm a fourth year Genetics major. I am both excited and honored to be serving as your Co-Publicity Chair this year! 

When I'm not volunteering with RCC or in research lab, you'll find me hiking, standing in line in a boba store, or rewatching an episode of Doctor Who! My passions include traveling, writing, and overly investing in various fandoms πŸ’•πŸ’•

Working alongside so many like-minded people to give back to our community has been a highlight of my college experience! Through RCC, I've not only been able to get more involved in the community, but have also gotten to know some of the friendliest, most passionate people! 

I look forward to getting to know all of you this year, and I know we'll have an awesome time! πŸ’• UwU

Justin Falk


Hello my fellow Red Cross members, I am Justin Falk, a third year Biomedical Engineering (Premed) major, but more importantly I am your Co-Publicity chair for 2019-2020 school year. But, besides being a student and a committed member of the Red Cross family, I am a nerd and I love all things nerdy. This would include playing a lot of video games and watching fantasy, Sci-fi, and super hero movies (my favorite super hero is Spider-Man). 

One important fact about me and my relationship with this club is that I have been in it since winter quarter of 2018. And through this club I have had my best college experiences as well as, met some amazing people who have impacted me in such a huge way. And I hope that everyone can have such an amazing experience as I have had and will continue to have with this club. That being said I am very excited to meet you all next year and I know it will be so much fun. uWu

Aaron Ing


Hey there fellow RCC anteaters! My name's Aaron, and I'm super excited to be serving as one of your co-publicity chairs for the 2019-2020 school year!

A few totally wacky facts about me are that I'm currently a third year history major, and I get to have fun pretending to be a lawyer sometimes on UCI's Mock Trial Team. I like eating food six times a day with my friends for fun and I love sitting in the park before or after class. I also like writing, painting, and drawing whenever I get the chance!

Joining Red Cross Club fall quarter my 2nd year was honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made. Being able to have a direct positive impact on the community you live in gives a sense of fulfillment and humility that honestly nothing else can. For me, getting to be a part of that has really helped me grow as a person. RCC has also provided me with a close circle of friends that I've come to consider to be my family. From all the late night food runs and birthday celebrations to volunteering events, meetings, and activities, I've never felt closer to a group of people who have helped me to finally feel like I belong somewhere.

I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you in RCC this year, and I'd love to make you all a part of this loving and passionate family! Here's to another amazing year! OwO


Kathleen Diep


Hello there! My name is Kathleen Diep, and it is my honor and pleasure to serve as one of your 2019-2020 RCC at UCI Co-Events Coordinators! 

RCC has provided me with countless opportunities to give back to the community (did you know that Christmas trees are donated to local nurseries after the holidays are over?) and helped me grow immensely on both a personal and professional level; needless to say, I'm incredibly grateful for the memories and friends I've made through it thus far. It is my sincere hope that you’ll come to love it as much as I do! 

Here are some fun facts about me: I'm a third-year Pharmaceutical Sciences major! My hobbies include listening to music, drinking an inordinate amount of tea, eating, reading, having deep conversations, and going on spontaneous late night adventures. 

I’d love to get to know everyone personally, so don’t be afraid to say hi when you see me! Looking forward to a fantastic year with you all! πŸ˜Šβ€οΈ

Laura Pelayo


Hi Y’all!!! My name is Laura Pelayo and I am a 3rd year Biological Science major with a minor in mathematics. I am soooo excited to be your Co-Events Coordinator for 2019-2020 school year. Alittle bit about myself is I love animals, especially PUGS. I spend most of my free time hanging out with friends and getting boba. 

Coming into my 2nd year at UCI I was seeking to get involved on campus and chose to join RCC. Becoming a part of RCC has given me so many opportunities and has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and make new friends! I can genuinely call RCC a home at UCI and can’t wait to see what the year awaits. One thing that I love about RCC is being able to give back to your community along side friends and creating an impact. 

I cant wait to meet everyone and I hope y'all have an amazing year! <3


Arielle Medina


Hello!! My name is Arielle Medina and I am super duper excited be one of your co-Fundraising Chairs for the 2019-2020 school year! RCC is an amazing organization at UCI to make friends, de-stress from academics, and overall make a huge impact on our community! I joined RCC my very first Fall Quarter of UCI and I instantly fell in love with the club, community, and the service we do! They have become a second family to me and I am forever grateful to have met such supportive and caring people at UCI! A little bit about myself hehe. I’m a 3rd year Bio Sci Major with a Minor in Philosophy. Outside of RCC I enjoy traveling, watching anime, playing video games, drawing, playing piano, and going on late night food and boba runs! I also love penguins, plushies, and pasta carbonara! If you see me on campus, please say hi! I’m very excited to meet and make amazing and unforgettable memories with you all! Hope you all have a fantastic year! ^_^

Hirsa Sarafin


Hello! My name is Hirsa, and I'm pleased to introduce myself as one of your Co-Fundraising Chairs. I'm a second-year PharmSci major, looking to minor in Stats. If my best self could be reincarnated as any article of clothing, she'd be a Victoria's Secret sports bra: luxurious, comfortable, and supportive with the capacity to be productive.

My guiding principle is broadly one of self-care, and my involvement with RCC is an act of self-care. It brings me joy through the gratification of serving the community alongside a pretty awesome group of people. I look forward to selling Korean barbecue tacos (and/or whatever else we end up selling) by your side.

Also, if you're reading this, I probably have the fattest friend crush on you. 

Alright, let's get this bread. πŸ’°πŸ’°

Jonathan Hernandez-Vargas


Hey everyone!

My name is Jonathan Hernandez-Vargas. I am excited to be your co-fundraising chair this year! RCC is an amazing organization that I fell in love with as soon as I joined. My only regret is not joining sooner because I had been in and out of other clubs here at UCI my first two years, but they never really felt supporting and like a family to me. However, as soon as I joined RCC my third year, it felt like a second home to me with a great atmosphere I thoroughly enjoyed and admired. Also, I have a passion for volunteering and giving back to the community so it’s just a win-win with this organization.

Some fun facts about me: I am a fourth-year bio sci major, I am obsessed with soccer, I play drum set for the UCI band, I have a wide range of musical taste, I love exploring the wilderness with friends, and also watching movies. 

I really look forward to meeting you all and making memories with you!😁


Lizeth Gutierrez


Hi RCC! My name is Lizeth Gutierrez and I’m SO EXCITED to be one of your Co-Internal Affairs Chairs for this coming year. A bit about myself: I’m a 2nd year bio major (don’t worry [hopefully] not one of the annoying ones ;)), I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old prepubescent boy, and my favorite pastimes are making myself laugh and embarrassing myself.


I joined RCC the winter quarter of my 1st year and it has honestly been one of the best decisions of my college career. Not only has this organization allowed me to give back to the community, but it has also granted me the opportunity to network with some of the most amazing people on campus. I wholeheartedly believe this club to be one of the most inclusive and friendly orgs at UCI and I hope that this coming year will prove that to you. I can’t wait to get to know (and annoy) each and every one of you! SUUWHOOP


PS: I promise I’m not sad in this picture, I just don’t have a smiley closeup :(

Victor Vicente II


Salutations my fellow RCC members!!

My name is Victor Vicente II and I'm a 3rd year Biological Sciences major. I am super excited to serve as one of your Co-Internal Affairs Chairs for the 2019-2020 school year!! When I am not at school cramming for exams or working on activities for RCC, I love playing video games (amazing Smash player hehe), listening to music, spending time exploring new places with my friends, playing guitar, and ESPECIALLY watching any MCU movie.

RCC has made my UCI experience amazing. I joined winter quarter of my 2nd year and it one of the best decisions I've made. I was very nervous to join because I didn't think anyone would welcoming but I was immediately given a bunch of love. RCC has given me the opportunity to give back to the community while making a bunch of friendships and memories that I will cherish forever. I am excited to meet everyone and looking forward to have fun with you all πŸ˜


Jacqueline Nguyen


Hello hello!! My name is Jacqueline Nguyen and I am so excited to be spend my third year as one of the Co-External Coordinators for RCC! Some fun facts about me: I love reading, my favorite animal is a goat, I love BTS (!!), and my favorite TV show is Criminal Minds!

I’ve been part of RCC for the past 2 years and have made so many incredible friends and shared so many memories with them. RCC has had such an amazing impact in my college experience, from making friends and memories to discovering a passion for community service. Despite the stress that has accompanied college, RCC has been my safe haven where I can just relax and enjoy the joy and laughter the clubs has to offer. 

I know this upcoming year will be just as amazing, if not more, and I absolutely cannot wait to meet all of you and make more memories together this year!

Aman Shaik


Hey guys! I’m Aman Shaik, a third year Biology major, and I am very excited to be one of the Co-External Coordinators for RCC at UCI! Apart from being a weary college student, I am an avid sports fan, I love kicking back with close friends, and I am obsessed with the TV show Prison Break.

I am committed to RCC because of the people in the club and because of the positive impact we have in the community. In my experience, RCC members have shown sincerity and compassion towards each other while making a concerted effort to value everyone in the club. The many community and social events of RCC bring members closer together.

To all RCC members, please be open to making new friends in the club. Even if you are very shy, like me, you will likely find quality people you can trust academically, socially, and emotionally, like how I did.

I hope this year will be enriching for you, and I can’t wait to have a blast with you this year!


Melinda Li


Hello everyone!


My name is Melinda, and I’m so excited to be your Webmaster this year! I’m currently a second year Computer Science student. When I’m not volunteering with RCC, you can catch me reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, starting TV shows that I’ll never finish, and listening to a ton of pop and K-pop.

I joined RCC in the middle of winter quarter last year, and I’ve loved this club ever since. RCC has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people and help the community through a ton of different service events. Whenever school work started to overwhelm me, the service and social events gave me a break from studying to spend time with fellow club members. Through the many events, fundraisers, and meetings at RCC, I’ve had the chance to meet some of the most fantastic and kind-hearted people I know; I hope you get to experience the same.

I can’t wait to see you at RCC, and I know we’ll have a great year here together!