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Myra - Individual_edited.jpg

Myra McCants

Hi! My name is Myra (she/her/hers), and I'm thrilled to be one of your co-Presidents for 2023-2024! I'm a third-year Biological Sciences B.S. and Art History B.A. double major. In my free time, I enjoy walking around art museums, skiing, and going to concerts!

I was a member of the American Red Cross club at my high school, so when I stumbled upon the RCC booth at AIF during my first year, I thought, "Why not continue it in college?" RCC at UCI exceeded my expectations. The community was welcoming, and I immediately fell in love with the routine of attending general meetings, participating in weekend events, and hanging out with the club members at socials! 

I have made some of my closest friends and best memories through this club, and I can’t wait to make more memories this school year as I welcome new club members and work with my co-President and the rest of board to host fun general meetings and workshops!

Gabe - Individual.JPG

Gabriel Gadia

Hi everyone! My name is Gabriel Gadia (he/him/his), and I'm a third-year Biological Sciences major and Public Health minor. I'm excited and honored to serve as your co-president this year!

Outside of the club, I am in research and give campus tours of UCI! In my free time, I enjoy eating, reading, journaling, watching shows and movies, and playing the ukulele/guitar. Whenever you see me on campus or outside of the club, feel free to say hi – I'm always happy to talk!

I joined the club to get more involved with the UCI community. Through participating in service events, meetings, and other activities, I found a welcoming and supportive community here. This motivated me to get more involved and step up as a board member to help drive the growth and success of a club I'm passionate about. I'm confident that we'll all have a rewarding and memorable experience with RCC this year. Let's make it a great and fun year! I can’t wait to meet everyone!


Sean - Individual_edited.jpg

Sean Estabillo


My name is Sean Estabillo (he/him/his) and I have the privilege of being this year’s RCC Secretary! I am entering my third year at UCI, double majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences and History.


Besides being a huge history buff, I love Star Wars, A Song of Ice and Fire, Warhammer Fantasy, and MMA. But my greatest love is traveling, where I have 36 countries under my belt with countless stories about my experiences. I’m a rather talkative person and love storytelling, so if you see me around campus come say hi and I’ll be more than happy to strike up a conversation!

I joined RCC in the fall quarter of my first year to continue my long history of community service. Besides offering excellent opportunities to help the community, RCC provided respite from the struggles I faced during my first year at UCI. I met so many fantastic people in RCC who have helped me achieve everything I have accomplished here at UCI. I am so excited to serve another year on RCC Board and look forward to growing the RCC family this year. See you soon! ❤️


Ethan - Individual_edited_edited.jpg

Ethan Vien

Hello, my name is Ethan Vien (he/him/his) & I’ll be your Treasurer for the 23-24 school year. I am a third-year Chemistry + Biological Sciences double major with plans for future education in medical school or graduate school.

Some of my hobbies include gymming, running, camping, and playing video games. I am an Eagle Scout and am helping lead my Scouting troop. My favorite types of music are classical, pop, and kpop. However, I am very eager to try new things in terms of music, food, or activities, so please suggest to me some of your favorites!

As a freshman, I joined the American Red Cross Club here at UC Irvine to serve my community. However, this club has offered me much more than just weekly service events. Here, I found a community of wonderful people to share my joys and sorrows with & who made my college experience truly incredible. I hope to meet you soon and welcome you to our family!


Parris - Individual_edited.jpg

Parris Volgyi

Hi! My name is Parris (she/her/hers) and I am one of the Publicity Chairs for this year in RCC! I am a third year Business Economics major and Film and Media Studies minor. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, baking, going to the beach, playing volleyball,  jamming with friends, and doing graphic design.

I joined RCC late in my freshman year while on a search to find different clubs to join on campus and I was not disappointed. It was such a welcoming and fun environment. I remember going to the first beach picnic event and how impressed I was with how much of a community the club had built. Each volunteer event has brought new memories, friendships and experiences. I’m super excited to continue the journey on board this year in RCC!

Emily - Individual_edited.jpg

Emily Lun

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Lun (she/her/hers) and I am a third year Biological Sciences major and Health Informatics minor! I am one of the three Publicity Chairs this year and am super excited to be a part of RCC! 

Outside of school, I am currently shadowing at a clinic in Long Beach! And outside of that, I love to travel, read, listen to music, and rewatch my favorite shows! 

I joined RCC to not only get more involved on campus, but to help the UCI community through volunteering. Having been an active member last year, I really enjoyed attending volunteering events and meeting new people at each one. I can’t wait to continue to make great memories during my time as a part of RCC! 

Arthur - Individual_edited.jpg

Arthur Elman


My name is Arthur John Elman (he/him/his) and for this school year I am going to be one of RCC’s publicity chairs. I am a Film and Media Studies major in the school of humanities. I am super excited for what this upcoming year has in store for everyone, especially RCC. 

I am part of two other campus organizations: AnteaterTV and Kababayan at UCI. This year I am going to be AnteaterTV’s designated director of photography for its Hotspots series, where we highlight trendy restaurants in the OC area. I am a huge Golden State Warriors. I love cycling and playing pick-up basketball in my free time.


I joined the Red Cross Club at UCI to find a community that shared a common interest in selfless service to others. From my first general meeting to becoming a board member, Red Cross has become a bigger part of my life where I have met some of the most amazing and talented people. I am proud to be a part of the Red Cross family.


Neeraj - Individual_edited.jpg

Neeraj Thiagarajan

Hi, I am Neeraj Thiagarajan (he/him/his), one of the two Co-Event Coordinators for the Red Cross Club at UCI for the 23-24 school year. I am a 3rd year Neurobiology major with plans of going into medical school in the future!

In my spare time I like to play tennis, go to the gym or go for runs. When I’m feeling lazy, I love watching TV shows, anime, reading manga, and playing video games. Outside of campus, I volunteer at various hospitals and am currently training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

I joined the Red Cross in high school, and loved the work that we did and the environment that I was in, so I joined the club in my first year. I’ve found a similar sense of community and caring, for the service that we do as members of the Red Cross and for each other as a group of friends. I hope that the Red Cross Club at UCI can offer you the same experiences and opportunities as it did here and I look forward to seeing you at our meetings!

Kiara - Individual_edited.jpg

Kiara Ward

Hello everyone! My name is Kiara Ward (she/her/hers) and I am one of two Co-Event Coordinators for the Red Cross Club at UCI for the 23-24 school year! I am a fourth year with a double major in Criminology and Education Sciences.

I honestly love RCC and am so grateful for the experiences, friendships and change I have made throughout my time in the club. It’s a place that has always brought me a lot of joy and makes me feel like I am making a difference. 

Outside of RCC, I love thrifting and making jewelry! I am also a huge foodie and enjoy all types of different cuisines, so feel free to approach me if you ever want to go out to eat or want any food recommendations! I am really excited to get to meet all of you throughout this school year! <3


Nikole - Individual_edited.jpg

Nikole Su

Hello everyone!

My name is Nikole Su (she/her/hers), and I will be serving as one of the Fundraising Chairs for Red Cross this year! Currently, I am a third year Biological Sciences major planning on minoring in Business Management. Outside of academics, I enjoy music, fashion, and coffee.

I joined RCC Winter Quarter of my freshman year looking for community service opportunities. Little did I know I would meet some amazing people while helping the community and bonding with the club. This is one of the reasons why I decided to apply for Board, to bring a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone since college can be hard. I can’t wait for all the things to come this year!

Karsen - Individual_edited.jpg

Karsen Yue

Hello everyone! My name is Karsen (he/him/his) and I am a 3rd year Human Bio major hoping to go into dermatology! I’m super happy to be one of the fundraising co-chairs this year in the Red Cross Club. Some things I enjoy in my free time are drawing, Pokemon, frisbee, cooking/eating lots of food, and going out for boba. 

I first joined the Red Cross Club last year out of curiosity and I wanted a social space to meet people outside of an academic setting. In fact, I had so much fun in this club that I applied to be a board member! Not only did I meet a ton of people, but the community service events were also a blast! In high school, I was in several positions of leadership, such as speaking at school panels, club co-leader, underclassmen mentorship, and student event planning. I’m excited to bring these experiences with me this year to fundraise for our club!

Angie - Individual_edited.jpg

Angie Nishimura


My name is Angie Nishimura (she/her/hers) and I’m so excited to serve as one of the Fundraising Chairs for RCC this year! I am a third year Criminology and Psychological Science major but I love art and learning new languages. I plan to go to graduate school for Forensic Psychology but am also looking at more options! 

Some of my hobbies include hiking, running, drawing, reading, and learning new languages. Recently I’ve been trying to learn Japanese so that I can travel to Japan next year! 

I joined RCC during my freshman spring quarter and I have loved being part of this welcoming community ever since. I joined because I enjoy community service and giving back but I stayed because I met such an amazing group of people that made me feel included when I didn’t really know many people. I met some of my closest friends in Red Cross and I love being able to help out my community while also spending time with friends and meeting new people.


Jake - Individual_edited.jpg

Jake Guevara

Hafa Adai everyone! 

My name is Jake Guevara (he/him/his) and I will be one of your Co-Internal Coordinators for RCC this upcoming academic year! I am a third year Psychological Science major, and some of my interests include binge watching shows/anime, reading, swimming, and listening to music! 

During my first year, I was hoping to find a club at UCI where I could easily do community service in my spare time. At RCC I found so much more than that. I was able to find a sociable community, new friends, and memories I will always cherish. I look forward to meeting you all next year, and I hope I can help create the same experience I had when joining the Red Cross Club. 

Komal - Individual_edited_edited.jpg

Komal Joshi

Hi! I am Komal Joshi (she/her/hers) and I am one of the 2023-2024 Internal Coordinators for the Red Cross Club at UCI. I am a second year Cognitive Sciences major with a minor in Biological Sciences and pursuing the premed track. 

Apart from school, I am a research assistant at a lab on campus and am working towards becoming an EMT this upcoming year.  My hobbies include going to the gym, working on diy activities, having jam sessions with friends, and going through my Netflix recommendations!

Last year, the booth which caught my eye during AIF was RCC due to its familiarity. Signing up was one of the best decisions I could have made as it helped me adjust to college life and make deep connections with others who shared similar interests. Through volunteer work on the weekends and icebreakers during the general meetings, RCC allowed me to become part of a greater community at UCI. I look forward to meeting all of you this year!


Madi - Individual_edited.jpg

Madison Deguzman

Hi, I am Madison Deguzman (she/her/hers) and I am one of the External Coordinators of the club for the 2023-2034 academic year. I am a 4th year sociology major minoring in public health. 

Outside of school, I work as a Behavior Technician where I deliver ABA therapy services to children and/or adults who are diagnosed with a behavioral disorder or placed on the autism spectrum.  Some of my passions include mental health advocacy, public health, education reform, nature, and jewelry making!

Given my interests, I was naturally drawn to RCC during my first year. Unlike other community service clubs on campus, RCC focused on not just community service, but emphasized a benevolent and warming culture from within. Through ice breakers, family competitions, and our many socials, I became more comfortable and established friendships. I can’t wait to meet everyone this year!

Jax - Individual_edited.jpg

Jezabel Perez

Hello, my name is Jezabel Perez (They/Them) and I’m one of this year's Co-Externals this year! I’m a second-year sociology major and I hope to work in the social working field or something similar. 

Some things that I enjoy doing in my free time are playing volleyball, reading, hanging out with my friends and family, and sleeping. I spend a lot of time studying with friends at coffee shops and libraries. 

When I started at UCI I knew that I wanted to join a community service club since I missed volunteering and wanted to get involved again so I decided to join RCC! My first impression of the club was that it had such a welcoming atmosphere and after a couple of club meetings I really started to break out of my shell and had a lot of fun getting to know everyone while working together to better the community! What I love the most about this club is that they do their best to make sure that there’s a space for everyone.

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