Throughout the year RCC holds fundraisers for various nonprofit organizations. Our main beneficiary is Corazon de Vida (CDV), a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting over 10 Mexican orphanages maintain their facilities and fund each child's education. Each spring quarter our members travel visit a Mexican orphanage supported by Corazon de Vida and have a chance to see the difference the funds can make. During the last week of the quarter we raise funds for our parent organization, the American Red Cross.

For Spring 2020, we will be using the free trivia platform to donate rice to families in need through the World Food Programme. Each correct question answered donates 10 grains of rice. For every 1,000 grains of rice donated, we will award you 1 point towards Active Membership. A total of 12,000 grains of rice, or 12 points of fundraising, will be required to attain Active Membership.

Join the Freerice group associated with your family:

  • Lion Turtles: 2YSZJ6FM

  • Momo: U9GZ7QWN

  • Appa: D33FFE3Y

  • Naga: R3EXZWWJ

To track fundraising for Active Membership, please refer to The deadline to have your last screenshot uploaded to your doc will be May 27 or Week 9 Wednesday at 11:59 pm. The points for fundraising will be updated after this deadline.


We are continuing to raise money during this quarter for Corzon de Vida, Working Wardrobes, and the American Red Cross Association through donations via our Venmo and Paypal! To learn more, visit our Fundraising Challenges page.


Our goal this year is raising $3,000 for Corazon de Vida to help Mexican orphanages better serve their children. All profits from fundraising, except for the last week of fundraising each quarter, will go towards this goal, so help us reach this goal by signing up for fundraising or purchasing our KBBQ tacos on Ring Road!

Thermometer was last updated 5/3/2020!


  • Be courteous to those around you. While at the booth, you are representing Red Cross Club.

  • If you signed up for a fundraising shift, please show up on time. Feel free to drop in during any shifts.
  • Remember to sign in and out on the clipboard so we can award you the correct number of points.
  • Members may not deal with the money bank.

  • Lastly, have fun!