How do I become a member of RCC?

There are no requirements to be a member of RCC! The best way to get started is to attend our weekly meetings. If your schedule conflicts with the meeting time, sign up on our CampusGroups to receive updates on service events, fundraising, socials, and more! It is never too late to join the club! We are always happy to welcome new members. CampusGroups Registration Instructions: 1) Click on this link ( or scan the QR code below. 2) Sign in with your UCI account. 3) Select “Join”

Is there a membership fee to be an RCC member?

Membership is completely free! Since we want to look like a team while volunteering, we highly encourage our members to purchase a shirt for $10 that is valid for the entire school year. While not required, not wearing the shirt will result in a deduction of membership points from the event.

What are the benefits of being an Active Member?

If you are an active member for at least 2 quarters, you are eligible to apply for board positions. This application process occurs during the spring quarter and is a great oppourtunity to be part of RCC. You are also rewarded an active membership certificate during at the final meeting of the quarter. Please e-mail our Secretary if you are unable to redeem your certificate at that time.

What if I can't be an Active Member this quarter? Will I be removed from the club?

Active membership is NOT required to be a part of this club. We completely understand that everyone has their own life and cannot commit towards active membership. We are open to anyone who wants to join the club.

Who can I talk to about membership points? Where can I view the points?

You can view your points on our website. Please give us some time to update points after each event. If you have any concerns, please contact us through the website, Facebook Page, or email (!

Am I required to donate blood to be a part of the club?

No. Although our club is under the The American Red Cross, we do not require members to donate blood. We offer plenty of other options for our members to contribute to the community besides than donating blood.

How can I be more involved in RCC?

You can be more involved by coming to our weekly meetings and be updated throughout the quarter. Discover the different kinds of community service we are involved in through our weekend events. Participate in our fundraisers to let everyone else on campus know about our club. Give by donating blood and lastly, our socials are always a pleasure for our members to get to know one another through more than just our passion for community service.

Do I have to attend meetings to become a member? What if I cannot make it to the meetings?

You do not have to attend meetings to become a member; however, priority to sign up for events and fundraisers go to those who attend meetings. Everything covered in meetings are usually sent out in weekly emails and will also be posted on this website. Please contact us if you have any questions or interests in signing up for events!

How does Member Spotlight work?

During weekend events, members will be asked during event sign-in's about whether they would like to participate in this extremely illustrious opportunity. At the end of each school month, a randomly selected member who has attended a weekend event and verified that they have a working volunteer connection account will be featured on our social media as well as the first general meeting of the new month. Don't be worried about any interviews; we just ask for a nice picture and ask you a few questions about your experience in Red Cross Club!

How do I register for the club through CampusGroups?

CampusGroups Registration Instructions: 1) Click on this link ( or scan the QR code below. 2) Sign in with your UCI account. 3) Select “Join”

Service Events

What happens if I forget to wear my RCC shirt to an event?

We expect members to wear our shirts during every weekend event unless told otherwise. Failure to not wear your shirt will cost a 3 point deduction of the 10 points for the event you attend. You are, however, still free to attend the event you signed up for!

How do I get myself added to the waitlist for weekend events?

Please email us ( as soon as possible with your name, phone number, email, family, and whether you can drive, and if so how many people can you bring including yourself, or not. Please title the subject line with the name of the event you are aim to attend.

When do I get a T-shirt?

You are only required to wear your RCC shirt at our weekend events. When you attend an event you will receive an email with all the event information along with the link to the T-shirt order form. As long as you fill it out by the deadline, you will receive your T-shirt for your event.

I filled out the form to sign up for an event. Will I get an email if I get in?

Whenever there are any upcoming service events, we will send out two types of emails: 1. Confirmed Attendees: This email will be sent to members who were selected to attend the event. It contains all the information you need to know about the event. 2. Waitlist - This email is sent to members who were not selected to attend the event. If you receive this email, please DO NOT show up to the meetup location unless we contact you to inform you about the availability of a spot.


What do we usually sell during fundraisers?

We usually sell our famous Korean BBQ tacos on campus out on Ring Road! Note: due to COVID-19 guidelines we will NOT be selling food as of Fall 2021, though we will be selling other non-food items.

Where does the money from fundraising go?

All fundraising proceeds go towards charitable organizations. For most weeks, the money is sent to Corazon de Vida to assist Mexican orphanages. The funds from the last fundraising week are donated to our parent organization The American Red Cross.

When are the fundraising dates for RCC?

The fundraising dates, times, and booth location are announced during the weekly meetings and are posted on the website under the Fundraising page.

How do I sign up to fundraise?

During the weekly meetings or through the links in the email newsletter, you can put your name on a sign-up sheet for a fundraising shift. You are also free to drop by the booth to help out! Just make sure to sign in at the booth before and after your shift.

Do I have to wear my RCC shirt during fundraisers?

No, wearing your RCC shirt during fundraising is not required, though it is highly encouraged. If you want to show your club pride through the shirt, you are more than free to do so!

COVID-19 Updates

What changes have been made to the Red Cross Club at UCI during the COVID-19 pandemic? (Fall 2021)

As the campus is transitioning back to on campus learning, the Red Cross Club at UCI will transition back to on campus operation, though there will be online alternatives if you absolutely cannot make any of the in-person activities. All events in the in-person format will follow COVID-19 precautions. Please check out for more information!

Are we having in-person events?

Yes! Most of our events offered for members will be held in person. However, we do understand that some are uneasy about returning to on campus and going to in person events, so we will be offering a number of online at-home service events as well. More information will be given when these events are coming up!

Are we having in-person fundraising?

Yes! As the campus is transitioning back to in-person classes, we will be moving to a hybrid fundraising, mainly focused on in person fundraising for general members to gain points for active membership. We will not be selling food as of Fall 2021 per COVID-19 guidelines, and we will require members who fundraise in person to wear masks andwash hands and keep everything sanitized. We will also be hosting livestream events as a way to fundraise!! More details to come. If you absolutely cannot make it to in-person fundraising and need the fundraising points for Active Membership, please send us an email at

Are there alternatives if I’m not coming to campus this year/quarter?

Yes! We understand if you are not able to jon us for our in-person events, so we will offer a number of alternative. As of Fall 2021, we will have 3 online service events available for fall, and we will be hosting weekly findraising livestreams as well. Our general meetings will be held in-person, however, our announcements will be made public on the website and Discord once the meeting ends. We encourage members to signup for our CampusGroups to recieve our weekly newsletters via email, and coonect with us via our social media to stay up to date with club affairs and/or potential remote opportunities should those become available to our members. If there are any questions or concerns regarding not earning enough points remotely, please send us an email (

What COVID precautions are we taking?

We will be following UCI guidelines for COVID-19 along with following guidelines set by the organizations we are partnering with for events.