Every month, our Member Spotlight features an exceptionally involved Red Cross Club Member in order to tell their story. Each volunteering experience that is shared helps to make our community that much better.
Shanuka is currently a 2nd year Psychology major here at UCI! He decided to join the American Red Cross Club after he saw the booth during AIF, and figured that joining would be a good way to enrich his overall college experience. Shanuka "loves the amazing variety of events that the club has meticulously hand-picked for the members' enjoyment!" He elaborates, "from the fine art of demolishing non-native plants to the art of laughing non-stop to live sitcom tapings, the possibilities are endless!" Shanuka's favorite volunteering event is TV Taping, as "laughing to the poor comedy was grueling, but the live action outtakes and retakes are surreal, and the comedian was quirky and entertaining," adding that, "the delicous taco meal we had in Downtown LA was also wonderful, though it unfortunately made me late to my radio show at KUCI." In his spare time, Shanuka enjoys relaxing by doing "absolutely nothing!"
Louis is currently a 1st year Biological Sciences major here at UCI!
Louis decided to join Red Cross Club this year in order to gain new volunteering experiences! His favorite part about getting to volunteer is being able to serve the community! One of his favorite events this year was getting to walk donor dogs at our Hemopet event. Besides volunteering, Louis also enjoys playing the guitar, paintballing, and going to the gym.
Meghan is currently a Biological Sciences major here at UCI! Here's a few words Meghan shared with us about herself:

"I am interested in pursuing some type of medicine in the future, and I felt that joining the American Red Cross club was a good way to start getting myself used to working with people from all kinds of backgrounds. I just genuinely enjoy helping people that need it. Also, seeing how grateful others can be when you lend them a hand is so rewarding because you were able to make that persons day all the much better by helping them out.

My favorite event so far would definitely have to be Hemopet. It was such a therapeutic event to attend and it taught me a lot about how important patience is as well as how to comfort others, as well as animals, in moments where they may be stressed. Something that I enjoy doing in my spare time is watching Hulu, Netflix, or Youtube. When you are constantly on that grind it's nice to unwind by watching funny videos and classic movies to get away from all the commotion."
Lisa is a 2nd year Biological Sciences major. “I decided to join the American Red Cross Club at UCI because I wanted to meet new people around UCI who are interested in helping out the community like I am. I enjoy seeing the gratitude and smiles from those who require our volunteer service, it makes me feel grateful and happy that I am able to help someone in need of our service at their event. My favorite RCC volunteering event is Boo Fest, which is a Halloween carnival at an elementary school, because I saw that the children at the school were really happy to have us there and had a lot of fun while we were supervising the event. In my spare time, I like to destress by bullet journaling!”❤️