Steps to Join RCC CampusGroups:

  1. Click on this link ( or  scan the QR code.

  2. Sign in with your UCI account.

  3. Select “Join”

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There are no membership fees or requirements to become a member of Red Cross Club. We understand that life is unpredictable, so we are very grateful for your interest in volunteering with us. However, we encourage members to purchase the $10 annual club shirt so we look like a team during service events. (Note: RCC T-shirts are currently unavailable and will be available for sale again when we return back on campus)
The best way to get started as a general member is to attend our weekly meetings. Our general meetings for Spring 2021 quarter will be held Mondays at 7:30 pm on Zoom at During the meetings we give announcements and information about upcoming club events. If you can't attend our meetings, sign up for our newsletter on CampusGroups to stay updated!
While we appreciate all of our members and the work they do for the community, we want to personally thank those who have continually dedicated time to help our local communities with us. Thus, each quarter we reward these members with active membership.
Despite there being two categories of membership, no member is given special privilege throughout the year. Being an active member has no bearing on a member's ability to sign up for events or activities through the club.


Throughout the quarter you will be updating a Google Doc that will compile all the necessary screenshots and information to help us keep track of your active membership status and points earned throughout the quarter. Please follow the directions stated on this document to ensure that your points will be added:

  • 60 points by the end of Week 10 each quarter.

    • Points reset at the start of a new quarter, so active membership is only valid for one quarter. 

  • 12 Freerice Fundraising Points

  • 30 points from At-Home Service Events OR 20 points from At-Home Service Events and 10 points from Signed Petitions (5 signatures needed to make up for an At-Home Service Event)

  • Volunteer Connection Account


We keep track of points for each member so every member can see the difference they make every quarter! Points also make up one component of reach active membership.

You can check your points on the Family/Member Points page under your assigned family.


Volunteer Connection is an online platform organized by the American Red Cross that allows members to log the number of hours you've contributed to Red Cross Club as well as get notified of different volunteer opportunities across Orange County! Registering for Volunteer Connection makes you an official volunteer for the American Red Cross and is required to achieve Active Membership.
Sign up through
When registering, make sure to select "RCC (college)" as a volunteer opportunity to prevent your account from deactivating! If you have any problems, please notify us as soon as possible.
Once you have signed up, email us a screenshot and your family name to to receive 5 points.


Instead of Reflective Essays as we had during Spring 2020 quarter to replace an At-Home Service Event, we will be having (5) Signed Petitions! In this way, we will be providing service through an online means in  supporting causes by signing petitions. 

On your active membership document, make sure to include these items for each petition:

  1. Name of Petition

  2. URL

  3. A short description of what the petition is if the name is not clear, and 1-3 sentences for why you chose to sign it.

  4. Proof of signature screenshot

Please make a copy and fill out the Event Makeup Petitions Template for your petitions! In the template, we have an example of how a petition would be filled out (which you can later delete to use for your own petition.