Since 2009, American Red Cross Club at UCI (RCC) has striven to improve the lives of those in Southern California and around the world. Through our four main principles of service, leadership, fellowship, and compassion, we empower our members to follow our motto of "Community at Your Service."


Becoming a general member of American Red Cross Club at UCI is simple. We do not require a membership fee or an application; all we ask for is your interest and dedication to serving the community.


Alexandrea is a 2nd-year Biological Sciences Major, and is a member of Bran Flakes family. Here are a few words she shared about herself and her RCC experience:
“(I joined RCC because) a friend recommended it to me and said that it was a fun way to get to know people and serve the community. That interested me and when I came to the club, I found it to be super fun.”

“(My favorite part of volunteering is) the community you form with other members while engaging in a volunteer opportunity and helping others.”

“(My favorite volunteering event has been) Penguin Watch. Last quarter, the people I was with started to play Disney songs and sing along while we looked at penguins. We also took turns sharing our screens to show any interesting pictures we found.”

“In my spare time, I like to watch crime TV shows such as Law and Order SVU and play piano.”
Christine is a 1st-year Biological Sciences Major, and is a member of the Appa Jacks family. Here are a few words she shared about herself and her RCC experience:

“I initially checked out RCC wanting to get more involved somehow at UCI and decided to join when I went to my first meeting where I felt super welcomed and included!”

“With volunteering, especially at Red Cross, not only do I get to help out our community, but I also get to do so while hanging out with really cool people!”

“My favorite volunteering event so far was the Snapshot Serengeti because I actually got to see so many different animals (which I almost never get lucky seeing something exciting) and got to talk about whether we'd be able to win in a fight against Wario which was quite the interesting topic.”

“Fun Fact: I really like dancing whether that be hip hop, contemporary, or other genres! (even though I've been getting a bit rusty :p)”