Since 2009, American Red Cross Club at UCI (RCC) has striven to improve the lives of those in Southern California and around the world. Through our four main principles of service, leadership, fellowship, and compassion, we empower our members to follow our motto of "Community at Your Service."


Becoming a general member of American Red Cross Club at UCI is simple. We do not require a membership fee or an application; all we ask for is your interest and dedication to serving the community.


Rachel is a fourth year majoring in Business Administration and Sociology! Here are a few words she shared about her RCC experience:

"I joined this club because I was really trying to find a community that I connected with while at UCI. I knew that I really liked volunteering and helping other people out, but the atmosphere and friendly people in the club kept me coming back.

Whether is be walking the excited dogs at Hemopet, seeing large piles of trash that we gathered at the beach or on campus, or seeing the food I helped cook for families in need, it makes me so happy whenever I can make a difference when volunteering.

My favorite RCC volunteering event is probably the Dino Dash event where we passed out medals and wrist bands to little kids and their families who ran in races. It was nice seeing their excitement at completing the race, and cleaning up the event was fun too.

I am also in Hiking Club at UCI and have been involved in that club for three years now. I love getting outdoors and hiking while meeting new people so I found that club to also be really fun."


Doris is a second year majoring in Biological Sciences! Here are a few words she shared about her RCC experience:

"I was in the Red Cross Club in my high school, and I really like the mini community the club enables. I signed up through the Anteater Involvement Fair and decided to officially join after I noticed how inclusive the club was to new members.

I like seeing the small differences I can make in someone's life. Talking to people and getting to know about their life experiences through volunteering always leaves a lasting memory.

My favorite RCC volunteering event was the Fall Festival held at an elementary school. All the kids were happy that we helped monitor the games and they were all so excited to talk to us about the games. At the end of the event, when we were all walking to the parking lot some kids stopped us and thanked us for helping out with the event, and it made my night because the kids were all genuinely appreciative that we took the time to help out.

In my spare time I like listening to music and talking to my friends. Fun fact: both my thumbs are double jointed and I think it funny to scare people with it :)"
Anh is a third year majoring in Biological Sciences! Here are a few words she shared about her RCC experience:

"I joined RCC because I wanted to make more connections with UCI students and participated in our community service. RCC is a family where I've met many wonderful people who are willing to dedicate their passion to make the world a better place.

To me, volunteering gives me a great feeling that I'm contributing to make a difference in our community. I feel great when I have the opportunity to help someone. In fact, I have found the feeling can be addictive LOL.

One of my favorite RCC events is Coastal Angle Beach Cleanup. I really enjoyed this event since we could have some outdoor exercise while still taking part in the community service. From the event, I've realized that a clean environment can have a significant impact on people living in the community. I enjoyed getting a free sun tan from the event as well!

During my free time, I enjoy some outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. Besides, I also enjoy binge watching Netflix shows. "

Xinyi is a third year majoring in Biological Sciences! Here are a few words she shared about her RCC experience:

"I joined the Red Cross Club because I was looking for a club that can help me participate in community service. My journey with the Red Cross started early in China, and it is my pleasure to join the club.

I learned that giving is essential and incredibly rewarding. I want to share my feelings of happiness and warmness with more people.

My favorite volunteering event is Walk to End Alzheimer's, and that is also the first event I participated in the club. I saw some people were holding the cardboards, which had their family member's picture and even with the slogan, "Always remember for those who can not." Some other people connected with the event only because they want to raise awareness of the disease and help with the fundraising. Many people are doing things for others, but they are still willing to put effort into it and feel happy about it. It makes me think that community service is the thing that I should do consistently.

In my spare time, I love to hang out with my friends and explore new restaurants. One fun fact about me is I have a sister who is sixteen years younger than me. Even though she is very naughty, I love her so much."