Since 2009, American Red Cross Club at UCI (RCC) has striven to improve the lives of those in Southern California and around the world. Through our four main principles of service, leadership, fellowship, and compassion, we empower our members to follow our motto of "Community at Your Service."


Becoming a general member of American Red Cross Club at UCI is simple. We do not require a membership fee or an application; all we ask for is your interest and dedication to serving the community.


Diana is a third year Public Health Sciences Major, and is a member of Cocoa Puffs family. Here are a few words she shared about herself and her RCC experience:
“I decided to join RCC at UCI because I wanted to continue helping people in the best way I can. I also wanted to connect with people that shared the same interests and passions as me such as volunteering and helping others.

Something I enjoyed most about volunteering is knowing the fact that I was able to do something impactful for the community. No matter how little or how big the impact may possibly be, it still makes a difference.

I would say Rodent Little Brother. I did this event twice, one last year and one this quarter. For both times, I was able to connect and talk to other members in RCC and not only that, but we got to see how the cute little mice are in their cages (like climbing like Spider-man or wagging their tails vigorously) and how they interacted with each other!.

A fun fact about me is I don't know how to ride a bike or swim (someone please teach me).”
Brett is a first year U/U soon to be Business Administration Major, and is a member of Trix family. Here are a few words he shared about himself and his RCC experience:

“I joined RCC because I want to help make the world a better place and do it with others who are just as passionate about helping as well.

The parts I enjoy most about volunteering are having a great time with others while knowing you’re helping the world little by little.

Choosing a favorite RCC volunteering event is difficult but it would have to be between Disk Detective, Climate Records, and Boston Phoenix 74 because each of these events allowed me to either see the past or parts of the world I don’t get to see on a regular day.

In my spare time, I like to listen to and play music (acoustic guitar), ride my bike, or watch movies because they all let me distress and put effort into a creative outlet!”


Gabrielle is a third year Biological Sciences Major and a member of Cocoa Puffs family. Here are a few words she shared about herself and her RCC experience:

“I joined RCC to have more time with my friends and to also volunteer more!”

“Making people smile is my favorite part about volunteering with RCC!”

“My favorite RCC volunteering event so far has been Healthbridge Hospital! There was this adorable little girl named Gabby and she was so friendly and despite her condition she still had the biggest smile on her face and I wish I could have half her strength. Everyone there was so strong and it reminded me even if I’m going through it I should still be grateful for all the little things. Seeing their smiles gave me so much hope, and I wish to spread more!”

“In my spare time I love to play League of Legends!”
Amber is a first year Education Sciences Major, and is a member of Trix family. Here are a few words she shared about herself and her RCC experience:

“I’ve always wanted to join the Red Cross Club at my high school because I hoped for more opportunities to help the community out. When I saw that UCI had a Red Cross Club, I was more than excited to join, meet new people, and volunteer more.

My favorite part about volunteering is knowing that you’re making a difference in the community, big or small. I love the feeling of helping out and contributing for a good cause.

So far, my favorite RCC volunteering event has been the Penguin Watch event. We were looking at pictures of penguins to identify the adults, chicks, and eggs. It was super fun seeing the adorable penguins while bonding with other RCC members.

In my spare time, I enjoy journaling, playing piano, and watching Netflix. A fun fact about me is that I’m currently learning American Sign Language!”