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2023-2024 COVID-19 UPDATES


Week 10 AM CM

General Meetings

General meetings will be held IN-PERSON every Monday, 5-6pm in SSL 228.

If you are feeling unsick or unwell, please do not show up meetings for the health and safety of everyone. If you cannot attend our in-person meetings, a summary of events will be shown on the website and Discord. If there are any other concerns about not being able to participate for points towards Active Membership, send us an email. 



All Social Aspects Will Be Through Discord

We will be using a Discord server to help us all stay connected.

This server will be used to

  • Keep in close connection with our families for the quarter

  • Play Jackbox and other online games

  • Host some of our icebreakers

  • Hold our online Socials

If you're interested, please join our Discord server at!



Red Cross Club at UCI Discord Bot

In addition to using Discord as a means to help us stay connected, we have created a bot for the server that provides helpful information!

Some examples of the bot usage are:

  • Calendar: The bot will provide a view of the events happening during the week. 

  • Club information:  A channel will contain information provided from the bot regarding meetings, membership, and more!

  • Plus more!


Active membership doc ex.PNG

New Active Membership Requirements

Active membership will be tracked through Google Docs this quarter.

  • Each Google Slide will hold all of the necessary screenshots and descriptions to help us keep track of your points

  • You will send us one email with a link to your Google Slide rather than sending out multiple emails throughout the quarter

  • Your points will be updated on the website under your family's name.


To get started, visit the 2023 Active Membership Document and follow the directions listed in the template.

Active membership requirements have also changed for this quarter. Please visit the Membership page for the new requirements.



Transitioning to In-Person Events


As more and more students are moving back on campus, we have decided to transition back to mostly in-person events, though there will be a handful of online events should you not be able to attend the in-person events. More details will follow during general meeting. 

Regarding COVID-19 precautions, we are following UCI guidelines, and the guidelines set by the organizations we are partnering with for event.

Active Membership Requirement: 3 Service Events OR 2 Service Events and 5 Petitions

Please visit Events page for more information.



Transitioning to In-Person Fundraising

As the campus is transitioning back to in-person classes, we will be mainly focused on in-person fundraising for general members to gain points for active membership. We will be selling food as of Fall 2022 per COVID-19 guidelines, and we will require members who fundraise in person to wear masks and

wash hands and keep everything sanitized.

Please visit the Fundraising page for more information.

If you absolutely cannot participate in in-person fundraising, please contact us via email. 

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