Virtual General Meetings

General meetings will be held every Monday of Spring Quarter at 8 p.m. at

To get points towards Active Membership, you will need to attend our meetings:

  1. We will be using the list of members present in the call to give points for each week's General Meeting

  2. Your username on the Zoom call must include your first and last name as they appear on the points sheet, or you will not be getting points for attending that week's General Meeting


All Social Aspects Will Be Through Discord

We will be using a Discord server to help us all stay connected.

This server will be used to

  • Keep in close connection with our families for the quarter

  • Play Jackbox and other online games

  • Host some of our icebreakers

  • Hold our online Socials

If you're interested, please join our Discord server at!


New Active Membership Requirements

Active membership will be tracked through Google Docs this quarter.

  • Each Google Doc will hold all of the necessary screenshots and descriptions to help us keep track of your points

  • You will send us one email with a link to your Google Doc rather than sending out multiple emails throughout the quarter

  • Your points will be updated on the website under your family's name, as done in Fall and Winter Quarter


To get started, visit and follow the directions listed in the template.

Active membership requirements have also changed for this quarter. Please visit the Membership page for the new requirements.


Alternatives to In-Person Service Events


After careful consideration, we found that it would be irresponsible for our organization to put ourselves and the organizations we volunteer for at risk through the work of our community service events.

This quarter, we offer:

  • Remote service events held on certain weekends

  • Reflective Essay

Active Membership Requirement: 2 Online/At-Home Service Events or Reflective Essays

Please visit Events page for more information.


New Active Membership Requirement: Freerice

We will be requiring each Active Member to use the FREE trivia platform to donate 12,000 grains of rice to the World Food Programme. 

Every correct question answered donates 10 grains of rice to families in need. 

Please visit the Fundraising page for more information.


Corazon de Vida Cancelled


After careful consideration, it would be irresponsible for us to travel in such a large group and risk illness among ourselves or those at the orphanage

We will ensure that all of the donations we received, the cards we made, and the money we raised this year as well as this quarter are transferred to the orphanage that we were originally planning to visit.


New Virtual Experience


The Colleges Against Cancer, responsible for organizing Relay for Life at UCI, has made the event a virtual experience due to the current COVID-19 crisis. 

Date of the event:

Saturday April 25, 2020  from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm through Facebook Live. 

You can watch the Relay for Life 2020 at!


Field Day Is To Be Determined


This event will most likely be cancelled if the status of the COVID-19 situation is stagnant or gets worse.

We will release further information about the status of Field Day as the time of the event approaches.